The municipality of Isperih is situated in the central part of Ludogorie which is part of the Dunavska field at the important crossroads between Razgrad and Silistra, Dobrich and Russe. the municipality of Isperih is situated in the region of the town of Razgrad. The town of Isperih is municipal center of the second biggest municipality in the region of Razgrad with 402 square meters units of area. It is border o n the municipalities of Razgrad, Zavet, Samuil, Dulovo, Glavnica and Kaolinovo.

    23 populated places go into the municipality of Isperih - the town of Isperih, Belenci, Bardokva, Vazovo, Goliam Porovec, Dragomyzh, Delchevo, Duhovec, Ionkovo, Kitanchevo, Konevo, Kypinovci, Ludogorci, Lyvino, Malyk Porovec, Podaiva, Pechenica, Rainino, Sveshtari, Sredoselci, Staro Selishte, Todorovo, Iakim Gruevo which are governed of mayors and their substitutes.

    The town of Isperih has araised in 1545 o n the place of a medieval city. With case No38 renewed o n the 2nd of February 1960 at the Pesidium of the national assembly from the 31st of January 1960 the village of Isperih is reported as a town. The population of the municipality of Isperih numbers 24,588 residents which includes the number of the population of the town of Isperih which is 10,500 residents.

  The leader of the municipality of Isperih is Baysim Basri Shukri - mayor of the municipality of Isperih

To get through to the muncipality

    7400 Isperih, Region of Razgrad, St."Dunav"No2

    Tel. 08431/ 20-06 fax. 08431/ 21-84